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Frequently Asked Questions

At HCG Chicago, we want each and every patient of ours to feel comfortable and confident with their decision to follow the HCG protocol as part of their successful weight loss journey. To this end, please find some Frequently Asked Questions. Can’t find the question you’re looking for? Send us an email, and we’ll post your question and answer here.

Can I lose weight in Phase I: Detox?

Yes. We have seen patients lose between 2 to 15 pounds during detox; it depend on how big of a change is being made from their previous eating habits to the detox eating protocol.

What is the average number of days on Phase 2 of the program?

On the 23 day program, patients see an average weight loss of 12-15 pounds. (Twenty-three days is the minimum amount of time for the protocol to take effect in the body). On the 40 day program, the typical weight loss is 20-25 pounds.

I have a needle-phobia. Do you offer an alternative to injections?

Yes. We offer sub-lingual tablets. These are medium sized tablets that dissolve under the tongue. There is a slightly higher price for the tablets vs the injections due to the increased price from the pharmacy. We also feel injections are more effective.

What are the ingredients in your HCG?

We offer Pharmaceutical grade HCG that has been infused with Vitamin B 12.

Why do you infuse your HCG with Vitamin B 12?

Vitamin B 12 helps fight fatigue and is an essential vitamin in your overall health.

How many injections or tablets do I need per day?

You only need one dose per day, taken in the morning soon after you wake up.

Has anyone ever experienced side effects while on the HCG Chicago Body Balancing Program?

We have all been exposed to HCG when we were in our mothers uterus (it is the naturally occurring hormone created by a pregnant woman’s body), so the beautiful thing is that there really are no side effects. Some patients have reported a higher than normal sex drive, while others have experienced feeling a little fatigued at times.

Are calories really restricted to only 500 calories per day while in Phase 2? If so, is that safe (especially while burning calories from exercising)?

Yes. The body is releasing an additional 2,000-2,500 calories from the stored fat per day, in addition to the 500 calories consumed from fresh food. While the original protocol does not require nor promote excessive exercise while in the HCG phase, several of our patients have continued to exercise at normal rates (ranging from average exercise programs to triathletes to fitness instructors to body builders) and have never had an issue. The key is to listen to your body and if you feel like it should be an easy day, then honor and respect the signals your body is telling you.

Does insurance cover any or all of the cost?

Our practice does not work with insurance companies. However, we do provide you with a Super Bill receipt that is coded for you to submit it to your insurance carrier for reimbursement, if you choose. We are considered an out-of-network provider. Each insurance policy is different.

Do you guarantee that I will lose weight while on the program?

No. This program requires strict adherence to the rules. We cannot control your behaviors and choices. Only you can control your decisions. If you follow the rules, you will lose weight and will reset your metabolism. If you break the rules, you will not. It is as simple as that.

What determines what makes a good candidate for the program?

Good candidates are patients who are overweight or obese by the medical standards and who are truly committed to their weight loss success. Dr. Tom does an extensive medical review of your health history during your first office visit to ensure that there are no concerns or issues. The first office visit typically takes between 30-45 minutes and he runs on time – a true rare find in today’s health and medical world.

To date, how many clients have successfully completed the program with HCG Chicago?

Dr. Tom has been offering the HCG program for since 2009. He has personally completed the program. Therefore, you have a team of healthcare professionals who all have first-hand knowledge of the program and can support and guide you to your success.

Additionally, to date, we have had more than 2000 patients complete the Body Balancing Program. Of those patients, our success rate is approximately 95-97%. The variance comes in with people who cheat on the program and do not follow the protocol. Also noteworthy is that our patients receive the education during Phase 4 to continue to make good health and eating choices that keep the weight off.

This knowledge and power comes from education – and then, as with all life decisions, it comes down to a matter of personal accountability in adapting and living a healthy 90% of the time – and then splurging once in a while so as to lead a balanced life.

Will being on the HCG program affect any pregnancy tests?

Yes. If you are in Phase 2 and have a pregnancy test, you will have a false positive report. To find out if you are really pregnant, your doctor will need to administer blood tests over the course of several days to find out if the amount of HCG in your bloodstream increases by a certain amount to find out if you are truly pregnant.

I read somewhere that HCG increases the likelihood of a miscarriage. Is that true?


Will HCG increase the likelihood that I will get pregnant?

There is no evidence to suggest that; however, we have had several patients become pregnant after using HCG.

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