Phase 2 Weight Loss Stalls

by Cathy

If experiencing a stall in weight loss, go through this checklist and see if any of these could be reasons why:

1) Adding a little extra this or that while on HCG (a.k.a cheating).

2) Hidden additives, carbohydrates, fats and sugars in bottled water, spices, lunchmeats, canned chicken, etc.

3) Too much protein – remember to weigh meat before cooking!

4) Oils in personal products like makeup or lotions.

5) Smoking and too much caffeine – stimulants cause insulin to be released, thus inducing hunger.

6) Hormones (birth control pills or topical bioidenticals).

7) Skipping the required HCG diet meals – eat what you’re allowed.

8) Too much exercise can cause fluid retention – stick to light walking only during phase 2.

9) Additional diet products – don’t add to a good thing – HCG alone is the way to go.

10) Allergy to a required food (i.e., strawberries) – if you react, don’t eat it.

11) Remember to drink the required daily amount of water!

12) Women: Monthly cycles and ovulation can add a bit of water weight – don’t fret – this comes off when you start you cycle or move past ovulation.

13) Stevia is the ONLY allowed sugar – NO Truvia, NO Splenda, NO Aspartame!

14) Constipation – if you haven’t move things out of you, drink more water, get a colonic, or use one of the special teas to help you along.

15) If you are sticking to the diet and still have a loss, an apple day is a great option to get things back on track. And remember, this program is one of lost pounds and INCHES. You may have a stall where it doesn’t show on the scale, but get the measuring tape out. Chances are you’ve lost in inches.