HCG Diet Transformation: Look at Dan – WOW!



Editor’s note: Dan is a patient who successfully transformed his body and mind through the HCG diet program we offer. Here’s his story!



    • What made you decide to do HCG for yourself?

Mine was a unique circumstance. After cancer surgery and radiation treatments, I couldn’t stop gaining weight, and none of my previous fool-proof tricks were working. After seeing my wife shed over 50 lbs with HCG, I decided to start before things got worse.

  • What was the most challenging aspect of the program?
    The most challenging aspect of the program was sticking to the 500 calories during Phase 2. My workday keeps me very active; it gave me more exercise than was suggested, and near the end of the second round of Phase 2, I had to supplement one scrambled egg for breakfast. That made all the difference. I was able to keep dropping weight without the cravings and light-headedness I started experiencing.

What was the most rewarding aspect of the program?
The most rewarding aspect of the program was seeing a lesser weight on the scale each day. That was enough motivation to see it through to the end. And seeing a physique appear that I hadn’t seen in 20 years!

What one or two perspectives changed for you in relation to food, nutrition, health while on the program?
The perspectives that changed were how I served myself portions. I used to guage my portion size on how much I thought I could take in. Now it’s carefully measured, especially the meat servings, at 4 oz. Nutritionally, with the food allergies I have, I must avoid all pre-packaged and “barcode” foods. If anyone asks what I eat, I tell them fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese, and nuts. Nothing canned, boxed, jarred, or bagged. No additives, no chemicals, no HFCS. And now that the excess weight is gone, I’ve invested in a new bike with which I plan to get exercise by biking to my workplace each day.

What advice would you give to anyone considering HCG?
The advice I would give is, if you are committed to dropping the weight you want gone, utilize the recipes in the HCG handbook. If you enjoy eating as much as I do, you’ll want the variety. America is the most overweight nation, and it’s so easy to become overweight with the abundance of fast-food restaurants and all the inexpensive but fattening foods on the store shelves. It tastes good, we want more, we get fat. I’ve been there and gained plenty. Follow the recipes, make them for lunches and dinners, and you’ll get through the phases with no cheating. That is, IF you are committed to dropping the weight. And you MUST be committed if you want this to work. This is not a diet for wimps.

Would you recommend HCG Chicago?
I have recommended HCG Chicago to several people. A large percent has been reluctant to try it, mostly because the HCG injections themselves scare them.  People are afraid of needles. They don’t think they can survive on 500 calories. There are favorite foods they can’t give up. They want to try other weight-loss programs to see if they’re successful with those before they try something as stringent as HCG. Plain and simple, they are not committed to dropping the weight. But of the five people I know who have lost weight on the HCG Chicago program, the combined weight-loss is over 300 lbs. That’s an average of 60 lbs per person! If you’re tired of the same old diets that don’t last, don’t work, or don’t give you the tools for life long nutrition, then HCG Chicago is the program for you.

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